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This a Tech platform that focuses on developing young talents into world class entrepreneurs and career professionals by providing them with valuable and relatable digital information products (online courses, eBooks, templates and workbooks) designed to cause business and career transformation in 90 days or less.

Upskill Africa is your one stop hub for entrepreneurship and career knowledge.

Upskill Africa is a self-paced learning intervention platform managed by Tempkers Ltd


Our Vision

  • To see an outburst of world class entreprenuers and career professionals.
  • To improve lives through valuable Business and career education.

Our Mission

  • To provide our learners with quality Business education that creates an atmosphere for business growth thus increasing job creation.
  • To provide career professionals with career information enabling them deliver value on the job and stay relevant in the evolving workplace. 


To ensure a comprehensive learning, Upskill Africa brings together 3 important elements to ensure our learners get maximum result.


The wide range of courses hosted on the upskill Africa platform are being delivered by experts in these knowledge areas. This is done through recorded videos and worksheets.


We teach using case studies and real-life examples to show its application in real life situations. 


Using workbooks, email Q&A sessions. To help our learners gain clarity and interract in our community.