Your Employees May Be Taking Your Business for Granted because your
Employee Policies Are Too Weak!

To achieve your business goals; you need employees who understand and are able to run with the vision of your company and achieve the right amount amount of results needed to achieve these goals. 

This is the dream team every Business owner wants to have but most of the time business owner realize that their employees are;

  • Always late to work
  • Resign on short notice.
  • Resume and leave their duty post at will.
  • Carry out their jobs carelessly.
  • Do not represent the business brand properly.
  • Offer poor service to your customers.
  • Things go wrong if you are not available
  • Use company property for personal gains

You have held several meetings , shouted and corrected them yet nothing has changed.

All of these happen because your Employee policies are too weak So your employees are taking advantage of it.

To create The right HR structure for your business, You must ensure you have the right Employee policies and back them up with the right HR Documents to support its implementation.

Dear CEO, 

Shouting is not a Strategy,
Creating and Implement the right Employee Policies is the best Strategy.


  • Increases your employees Productivity
  • Gives you more time to focus on the core of your business
  • Eliminates employee issues
  • Helps your company build the right culture
  • Increases employees trust in the management
  • Helps to standardize your HR processes 
  • Helps you to build a safe working environment
  • Helps your employee know the reward and consequences of their action.
  • Reduces your HR administration cost by over 60%
  • Ensures that all employees are treated fairly. 

What is the 90 Employee policies template:

The 90 employee policy template is designed to guide you to prepare the right employee policies for your business .

This folder contains:

  • Code of conduct (27)
  • Terms of employment (12)
  • Exit / Departure (11)
  • performance management (2)
  • Training and Development (2)
  • Compensation and Benefits (4)
  • Confidential information and Intellectual Property (5)
  • Time away from work (11)
  • Dress Code (1)
  • Whistle Blowing (1)
  • Discipline (1)
  • Financial Aid (2)
  • ICT (7)
  • Reward and Recognition (2)
  • Security (2)


  • CEOs and Business executives
  • Small Business owners
  • HR managers
  • Administrators.

This 90 employee policy template is suitable for the following Industries:

Hospitality and Travel

Real estate and Construction


Medical Outfit

Retail Store

Food Processing

Cloth Manufacturing and Retail

Media and Advertising

Beauty and Wellness



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The 90 employee policies for Business Growth
E-folder is a must have for business owners. It has helped me structure my HR. I have learnt to create the right polies and our employee performance has greatly improved
Elizabeth Johnson
HR, Dream City Group
Getting my staff to achieve results and also to align to our company culture has been a headache for many years now. With this resource i was ablr to create the right policies and our performance has greatly improved. the HR Documents are great, i now create HR documents with ease
Reliable Unique Systems
Although i do not have a HR background, i now understand the to recruit and retain the right staff. This new knowledge has saved my company so much money and i have used same knowledge to help a few friends.
CEO Just Ibe Consulting

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