Your Employees Respect Policies More Than They Respect You.

As business owners most of the challenges we face with employees are

  • Poor performance,
  • Poor brand representations.
  • Resigning at short notice or at will.
  • Theft
  • Absentiseem
  • undeserving staff welfare expectations
  • Selling out important company secrets etc.

Most of this challenges happen due to poor HR structure. To create the right HR structure for your business, you need to create the right company policies and ideal HR documents to support the implementation of these policies

An Employee policy is a set of instructions that guides the activities of an employee within an organisation.

Theses policy helps tells the employees what the company expects of them , what they are to expect from the company and the consequences of not fulling these expectations. 

Employee policies are designed to protect the right of the  company and also that of the employees.

To improve employee performance and grow their business, Every business owner must learn how to create the right policies for their business.

Meet the Author

Grace Ikechukwu is a Human resource professional, an employment expert, a management consultant and a career advisor who is passionate about helping people reach their potential. Her career spans over 7 years’ in Human Resources management, Human Resource Business Partnering and consulting.

She is lead strategist Tempkers limited, a Human resource consulting firm which focuses on helping employers get value from there staff while utilizing the human resources available in the Organization to drive business growth.
Her experience covers Recruitment, Onboarding, Learning and Development, Talent Management, Employee Relations, Business Structure, Process and Policy Development.

She has a strong drive for building a rock solid business structure, human capital development programs, designing and implementing result-focused business blueprint.
She is the convener CAREER GROWTH ACCELERATOR PROGRAM.  A career mentorship program focused on building a thriving workforce in Africa