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By showing them the hidden secrets to hiring and retaining excellent employees.

Your book has opened my eyes. Thank you so much for blessing the world with your book.
David Adelakun
Taiwo Adelakun Photography

Through her testimony-birthing book, HIRE SMART!

Before I go ahead to spill some of the juicy details contained in this ebook… Let me share a short but relatable story with you.

Ade Bakre is the owner of LV Couture, a fashion outfit that creates Ready to Wear (RTW) and bespoke garments. He trained at the prestigious London College of Fashion and returned to Nigeria to start his fashion line with the knowledge and exposure he has accrued over 10 years in the United Kingdom.

By a dint of hard work and his ability to spot opportunities he has built and expanded his business to have two offices; Lagos and Abuja in just 1 year…

But he has a problem…

Even with a large staff strength, he doesn’t have the time he needs to do what he loves…

…creating stunning and bespoke designs.


He is always settling disputes among the staff or firing and hiring new staff! Getting the right, well trained staff has been the major challenge in his business.

Are you like Ade Bakre?

Do you need help with:
Do you want to continue with:

If your answer is no, pay attention to the information below. The answer to the challenges you are facing is here…

Get the information you need to overcome:

1. Recruitment challenges.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

2. Staff performance challenges

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

3. Business growth challenges.

with the....

(Available in print and ebook)

A cutting edge and thoroughly researched book that teaches CEOs and business executives to hire and retain the right staff for their businesses.

It contains practical case studies and assignments at the end of every topic for you to understand the lesson and applicable strategy taught in each chapter.

You will learn how to achieve business growth by managing and getting your employees to produce results.

You will learn how to attract the right staff to your business.

You will also learn how to simplify your recruitment process.

You will learn why you should not depend on CV alone in your recruitment process

And that is not all you benefit from buying this book!

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HIRE SMART Is All You’d Need To Employ and Manage Excellent Employees That Will Move Your Business Forward.

Here’s why…

My name is Grace Ikechukwu and I am CEO at Tempkers, an HR Business Partner Company.

Grace Ikechukwu is HR consultant, Author and trainer. With an M.Sc (Human Resource management) from Metropolitan School of Business Management(MSBM). An Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of personnel management (ACIPM) she is currently studying at the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).

A result driven HR professional with about 10 years experience with a forte in Recruitment, Training, developing customer service strategies , Business processes documentation and implementation. With proven record of success in all these areas.

Grace has helped the CEO’s and management team of several organisations develop and implement excellent customer service strategies, processes and also train their employees to achieve high level results leading to significant business growth.

As an independent consultant, she has been fortunate to work with business in the Petroleum, Retail, Manufacturing, Fashion and Service based businesses to design and implement the right customer service strategy and business processes.

When she is not working on businesses, i interact with young career professionals and teenagers to help them gain clarity in their career and become great leaders.

For over 10 years, I have worked with multinationals such as:

Hire Smart was written from practical but common real-life human resource problems that CEOs encounter and how to resolve them.

Filled with real case studies encountered by some of my past clients.

Assignments too to ensure you implement and begin to experience growth as soon as possible.

Hear what business owners and executives like you have to say about Hire Smart

As small business owners and employers, we usually get the short end of the stick.  We can’t afford the higher quality of staff we really want, so we usually have to get to the “sales” section of the recruitment aisle, to pick up more affordable, and less quality employees off the rack, which usually ends up costing us more in the short and mid term.  In this incredible book, HIRE SMART, Grace does an amazing job of simplifying the recruitment process for us.  It’s easy to read, easy to remember and even easier to apply.  It’s time to reduce your recruitment errors.  Save yourself a lot of heartbreak down the road, invest in this book.  Thank me now.
Steve Harris
Life & Business Strategist
You have written such a beautiful book that breaks down what us as employers need to know about attracting the RIGHT FIT. I feel HR intelligent even though I have no HR background. In the past I have had several attrition rates in my businesses and sometimes I ask myself what am I doing wrong as a company. Reading this book has put so much into perspective. I need to begin to look at what my competitors in the market place are doing to make their company’s highly sort after by employees and model same for mine. Thank you so much Gracie for blessing me with your wealth of knowledge. 2019 issagoal.
Just Ibe
The sales guru

So what will it cost you to get  

Hire Smart?


N7,000 cannot be compared to the cost of

  • Hiring a human resource company or agent 
  • Getting advice or consultation from a Consultant
  • Taking your business friends to lunch or dinner to seek their advice
  • The time lost in firing and employing new staff
  • Productivity cost for onboarding for new staff

Get Hire Smart for N7,000 and NEVER AGAIN have to struggle with recruiting and managing unproductive employees that are moving your business backwards.

This book will teach you the most effective ways to not only employ excellent staff but…

Also how to help them be the best version of themselves and contribute to your business growth and income.

Which is something you must not joke with because…
As a CEO, you also double as an HR personnel and except you have a full-time HR Expert to constantly manage your staff (and even if you do)…

You can't afford to be ignorant about staff and human resource management, or else… Your business will pay for it (if it's not already paying).

Are you ready to become a Smart employer today?

Do not forget If you buy Hire Smart today, you will get…
A whopping 30% discount off the soft copy (ebook)
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Join the league of business owners, CEOs and business executives like you who took action and turned their business around.

Your book has opened my eyes. Thank you so much for blessing the world with your book.
David Adelakun
Taiwo Adelakun Photography
OMG! my head hurts. I am not done reading the book and I have found lots of helpful information so far.
Soul Orange Vintage
So what will it cost you to get  
Hire Smart?

Just N7,000!

PS: If you do not want to continue:

Then get Hire Smart for just N7,000!

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