Privacy policy

You are purchasing access for one person to the Upskill Africa. You need to have a basic education to get perfect understanding and also apply the information that will be shared during the courses. Feel free to review this agreement with your lawyer.

Upskill Africa offers content which includes recorded video class, worksheets, eBooks, templates, any other form of digital product and access to the online school. By purchasing access to Upskill Africa online school and getting access to the content listed above, you agree to the terms and conditions of purchase and the company’s terms of use and privacy policy (collectively “this agreement”) following legal terms and conditions that governs your use of Upskill Africa online course platform and this forms a legal agreement between you and the company. In the event of conflict between the terms and conditions of purchase and the terms and conditions of the company, the terms and conditions of purchase shall be given priority. 

PAYMENT POLICY: It is your responsibility to pay for your access to the Upskill Africa online school ( to get an online course, eBooks, templates or worksheet).  You are to provide details of your credit card or show evidence of payment when you use other payment methods. Once you make payment, your card will be charged and you will be given access to only the courses or products you pay for.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: You agree that Upskill Africa is a product which contains propriety content that is owned by the company and is protected by copyright, trademark and other applicable intellectual property law. duplicating, sharing and uploading content files to sharing sites is termed “content theft” and will be treated as such. The company will prosecute to the full extent allowed by the law.

All access granted by the school (to all of our content) are solely for your personal and non-commercial purposes. you agree that you will not use such propriety content in any way whatsoever except in compliance with this agreement.

You will not use the content made avaliable to you by Upskill Africa in any manner that shows an infringement of the company’s right or that has not been authorized in writing by the company.

You may not modify, copy, publish, reproduce, upload, post, transmit, rent lease, loan, translate, sell, create any derivative works, exploit or distribute in any manner or medium (including mail and any electronic means) any content from Upskill Africa except you are authorized in writing. 

You do not have the right to create resource guides, blogs, marketing materials, business materials, website, marketing materials, derived works or any work that references the company, upskill Africa or that infringes on company’s intellectual property in any way. 

All copyright of upskill Africa includes but not limited links and description to other internet sources, compilation of content and posting are owned by upskill Africa. Use of company products except as stated in this agreement is strictly prohibited and it infringes on our intellectual property right this may subject you to criminal penalties which may include monetary damages.

All common law trademarks  and registered trademark of upskill Africa includes trademarks, logo, graphics and trademarks of the company belongs to upskill Africa. You are not granted the right right to use any of these mentioned above.

Once you have registered, you will be given a username, password and member profile. this access is for only one person as that is what you paid for. if an organisations pays in bulk for a few people, each person will be treated as an individual payment and will receive their individual username, password and member profile

PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY:  Upskill is subject to the privacy policy of the company. Upskill Africa will not knowingly collect information of under-aged persons and we deserve the right to request proof of age as minor below the age of 18 do not access to the platform except with the guidance of an adult relative. 

We will ensure your privacy is protected and we want you to also protect the privacy right of then school and its members. 

By purchasing your access to any of our courses you agree not to infringe on

  • Any copyright
  • Trade secrets
  • Trademarks
  • Patent
  • Other intellectual property rights.

All content provided to you by Upskill Africa is the company’s intellectual property,  confidential and i propriety information and it solely belongs to upskill Africa and may be used by you but only when authorized by the company in writing.  The reproduction, distribution and sale  is prohibited. however the company may wish to grant our registered affiliates to right to market our content (the exact same content) get people to buy, earn their commission and handover the students to the school for proper on boarding. Affiliates are only allowed to market with their unique links, flyer of the course or eBook and an introduction to help the intending students understand what they will learn. 

No one has the right to reproduce any of our content. this infringes our privacy policy and intellectual property rights and is punishable by law. 

You are free to share testimonials and talk about how this course or books has helped you, this can be done in written or oral format but you must maintain a strict confidential. share our content during a testimonial is prohibited and will be handled as an infringement on our intellectual property rights. 

REFUND POLICY: Our commitment to raising world class entrepreneurs and career professionals is non-negotiable as we put in our best to achieve this goal. Upskill Africa will not be liable for refund of fees after payment. we will not be held responsible for fees paid to the wrong account or individuals. All fees are expected to be paid before you are given access to any content.