90 employee policies

The 90 employee policy template is designed to guide you to prepare the right employee policies for your business.

This template contains following policies:
*Code of conduct (27)
*Terms of employment (12)
*Exit / Departure (11)
*performance management (2)
*Training and Development (2)
*Compensation and Benefits (4)
*Confidential information and Intellectual Property (5)
*Time away from work (11)
*Dress Code (1)
*Whistle Blowing (1)
*Discipline (1)
*Financial Aid (2)
*ICT (7)
*Reward and Recognition (2)
*Security (2)

All policies mentioned above is designed to tackle:
– Lateness to work
– Resignation on short notice.
– Job abandonment: Resume and leave their duty post at will.
– Employee who Carry out their jobs carelessly.
– Employee who do not represent the business brand properly.

This is one of the best decisions you will make for your business.

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